Baby Moments Spa

Now Offering Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes and Group Infant Massage Classes


Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes – $25 per couple

includes a FREE home visit with our lactation consultant after your baby’s birth

Group Infant Massage Classes – $40 per couple


Please Call 585-671-8850 for current schedule

*Individual Infant Massage Sessions still available

Tuesday Evenings between the hours of 3pm through 7pm by appointment


Baby Moments Belly Casting Service

Belly Casting Service: 90 minutes – $150

Let our pregnancy staff preserve your beautiful belly by creating your very own unique belly cast. This service includes a 1 hour and ½ appointment with a member of staff as we wrap your sweet little baby bump in our “Proud Body” Deluxe Pregnancy Belly Casting Kit. Appointment Required.

Cast Only – $35.00


Pre-Conception Massage Services

Preconception Massage: 50 minutes – $85.00

This fertility massage uses specific techniques to support an ideal physical environment free of tension and stress. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that massage can improve your ability to conceive. Please call for a free consultation with our massage therapist for more detailed information and to discuss your specific situation. We’d love to be a positive part of your journey!


Pre and Post Natal Massage Services

Mommy Moment Massage: 50 minutes – $85.00

It can be difficult for a pregnant woman to get a good massage at a typical salon. Therapists who are not specifically trained in prenatal massage should be very conservative and only apply light touch. The massage is concluded with gentle stroking on your belly and an application of all-natural stretch mark prevention cream. In late pregnancy many babies really respond to the belly massage! At Baby Moments, your massage is customized to your preferences. Some mothers love to have their belly rubbed and decide with their therapist to spend plenty of time on moms belly. Others prefer not to have it touched at all. It’s your time and it’s all up to you. The stretch mark prevention belly rub is always included free in your massage session.

Nap Time Escape: 30 minutes – $30.00

Hold onto that ethereal state of relaxation, buy yourself a little time before you come back to reality. Stay on the table and soak it all up in our massage suite with soft music and candlelight. **Please reserve your escape at the time of booking your appointment so the suite will be available to you exclusively.

Rejuvenate & Reclaim Massage: 50 minutes – $85.00

Take some R&R and reclaim your body! Pregnancy is over and you have a new role as mom (or mom to one more!). Remember physically, nature sets about undoing in eight weeks what it took nine months to create. Massage will help the body return to its pre-pregnancy position. Mommy & Baby Moment Massage: 75 minutes – $75.00There are excellent benefits that can be achieved with infant massage. Experience the enhanced bonding with your baby through the use of massage. Studies have shown massaging baby can help ease fussiness, help your little one sleep and aid in the relief of gas and colic. Let our Massage Therapist provide a massage for baby and instructional session for mommy!



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